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Name des Videos DAS PACKHAUS – shared van among 120+ start-ups, entrepreneurs, ngos and artists!
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Beschreibung: Vote for us and enable the whole Packhaus and its members to share and use an amazing van. DAS PACKHAUS is since 2014 one of the largest Start-up Hubs in Vienna. With its roughly 6000 m2, Das Packhaus has been providing affordable workspaces for almost 5 years to the most exciting startups and emerging innovative organisations in Austria. At the moment, there are over 120 organisations renting offices in the three locations of DAS PACKHAUS, sharing common spaces such as meeting spaces, kitchenettes, event- and exhibition spaces and a garden. From WisR, the job platform motivated Silver Agers, Robo Wunderkind, an educational tool for children to learn coding to artists and creatives, various organisations and individuals have found their workspaces. With a total of three locations – Marxergasse, Am Heumarkt, Am Kanal – vacancy in Vienna is used in a productive and sustainable way. This way, Das Packhaus is Austria’s largest temporary use project and creates value for the renters and the real estate owners.